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Upcoming Podcast with Brian Bates

As the debate intensifies about the future of Notts County’s Academy, the Magpie Circle turns the spotlight on a man who developed many of Notts’ famous alumni.

From Leicester’s Wes Morgan to Jermaine Pennant, and David McGoldrick to Leon Best. Brian Bates was a flying winger for Notts making over 137 appearances and scoring 25 goals during a six year career in the 60s. And he headed up Notts’ new Centre of Excellence in the late 90s which brought on a raft of top pros.

Bates is the latest guest to step into the Magpie Circle hot-seat and takes us behind the scenes both as a player and as a youth coach.

He reveals how a teenage Wes Morgan was released for being ‘a little chubby’.

And how he had to walk over to The Meadows to get an oversleeping Pennant out of bed to come to training.

Check out the podcast across all the usual channels from 5pm Thursday.

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pinkcity model
pinkcity model
4 days ago


There are regulations governing the distance of the 'commute' from home to the training location. In recent times, Notts have focussed their recruitment on the Nottingham area vicinity. There is still a large pool of talent to identify and access in the greater nottingham community. Decades ago, Notts had a North East scout who was responsible for bringing down Tommy Johnson from Newcastle (and a few others).


Mar 20, 2021

I don't know much about Academy setups, but are we restricted in terms of how far we can cast our net in picking up youngsters for the Academy?

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